5 Powerful Ways To Help Your Partner To Communicate With You

So let's say you had planned a lovely, fun day at the beach, swimming in the sea, feeling blissful, building sandcastles and having a lovely picnic with your partner and kids.

Unfortunately when you arrived it was raining and freezing cold and you wanted to stay in the car.

These elements, environment and general factors beyond your control made it so difficult to achieve what you wanted that you ended up disappointed. We can apply this to our relationships; certain fundamental foundations need to be in place for us to have effective relationship communication.

Effective communication in relationships requires a conducive environment and a certain foundation to be already in place.

I believe you can create that foundation for you and your partner with focus, determination and a bit of know how.

The first two parts are down to you, please read on for the know how :)

YOU know that communication is a vital part of your relationship, and you may feel (seeing as you are reading this!) that your partner isn't very good at it :)

However, there are ways that YOU can improve this by simply eliminating or introducing the following habits from/to your relationship.

These steps are simple. Not necessarily easy. (Sorry)

BUT, they simply take focus and a strong firm decision to change because believe me, if you put these in place your relationship can improve dramatically in a short space of time.

You will be happier, your partner will be happier, your kids will be happier, everyone wins.

YOU can do this :)

Are you ready?

There are fundamental conditions that you can create within your relationship that are conducive to effective communication, and YOU can CHOOSE to create them. 1. Take Responsibility.

Blaming or shaming your partner is the antithesis for creating the connection that will create effective communication.

Please acknowledge that you have the power to change or create your relationship as you choose, this is much more empowering and productive than focusing on what they are or aren't doing. So, shift your focus onto being more empowered and make a firm decision to improve your relationship.

Choose it.

2. Pay attention to how you are communicating with them.

Are you criticising, judging, complaining or giving your opinion to them?