Lockdown On Valentines Day - Relationship Coaching Interview With BBC Radio Cumbria

Last night I had the pleasure of appearing on BBC Radio Cumbria on the Darren Milby Evening Show!

In case you missed it, I thought I would embellish for you on the questions that he asked me.

Here are some top tips for managing and celebrating your relationship amidst Lockdown!

Q What's your advice for people to make the most of Valentine's Day in Lockdown?

Lockdown, in truth, allows us to simplify Valentine's day this year. It creates an opportunity to show our partner how much we care in a meaningful way.

The main thing is to be lighthearted about it, let go of any pressure for grand gestures and instead create smaller but more thoughtful gestures.

Think about what your partner loves, their favourite food or meal, their favourite drink, and what they see as a real treat.

It's more about how you are making your partner feel rather than where you are going or what you are doing. Use valentines day this year as an opportunity to show that you have thought about them, and show love and appreciation; this will increase the connection between you.

If your partner has been homeschooling all day or under pressure at work, run them a bubble bath and pour them their favourite drink with some candles. Even a half-hour or hour to themselves will make them feel loved and appreciated. Could you buy them a candle or some lovely bath salts to go with it?

Ask yourself, what does my partner love? If your partner loves wine, or cheese, long walks, the beach or walking by the river, plan a day that incorporates their favourite things.

You can also ask yourself what has been your or your partners favourite date together? Is there any way you can recreate that or parts of it at home? Where can you go for a walk that they love?

Obviously, you can get a takeaway but you can do so much more than eat it whilst watching television!

First of all, create the space.

Please turn off the TV and put their favourite music on.

Put your phones away!

Maybe light candles.

Focus on each other.

Talk, engage.

Dress up just for your partner like you would if you were going out for a night out.

Make the conversation romantic.

Tell them what you are grateful for about them.

Tell them what you love about them.

Find out something you didn't know about them.