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Relationship Resurrection:

Relationship Resurrection:


An 8-week intensive masterclass to resuscitate your relationship or marriage when your partner won't go to therapy.

A proven system that can help you save what seemed lost in just eight weeks.

A small group 

Delivered online 

Evening class 

Over 8 sessions

Beginning October 5th 2021

Is this you? : I want to save my marriage/relationship but my partner won’t go to therapy



If you're in a relationship that has gone sour or is just not satisfying enough for some reason but don't want to break up with your partner and start over again from scratch, this course may be perfect for you.


In 8 weeks, participants will learn tools and insights on how to bring their relationships back from the dead without any direct involvement of their partners. Participants must have an open mind ready to act upon what they are taught in order get long lasting results as fast as possible.


The program is delivered via Facebook events, and participants can join live or watch later.


The level of Interaction is down to the individual- some will like it that way while others may prefer a private group on social media where they share stories and ask questions with other people who are struggling in similar ways as them for support from each other.


No matter what type of person you are- there's an option just right for you! The partner can be involved in the process if they wish, engaging in conversations about what we have covered and completing strategies or homework together.


Still, they are not permitted to attend sessions.


The WHY?

When you are in a relationship it is like being in a tunnel, often you can only see what is right in front of you, you can’t see the bigger picture. There is so much that goes on in relationships and after separation that is when people start to see what really happened and question why they couldn’t see that when they were still in it. When people start to explore their situation in a specific way, they can see it more clearly.

This course will help you to see more clearly what is going on in your relationship, what is your part in it, and what you can do to improve it.

This program will change your mindset and you will start to see changes is your partner without them even knowing.

This course will help you to get out of the feeling of helplessness that happens when your relationship is floundering and give you a step by step, week by week action plan that put them firmly in control of their relationship.


We will look at what is working, what your needs are, improving communication, building trust, creating connection, increasing intimacy, how to change your own patterns and behaviours that will add to your feelings of happiness.



By the end of the 8 weeks, you will: 

  • Have created a profound change in your relationship 

  • Have learned practical formulas that you can use forever 

  • Have a thorough understanding of what your man needs and wants 

  • Know what YOU need and want and how to get it 

  • Have communication skills that will prevent conflict whilst still communicating how you feel 

  • Have dramatically increased connection with your man 

  • Have more trust and faith in your relationship 

  • Feel epic about your ability to turn your relationship around in such a short time 

  • Have increased confidence and sense of self 

  • Have more ease in your relationship 

  • Enjoy spending time together again 

  • Be more loving 

  • Feel more loved 

  • Have learned a huge amount about yourself, your partner and your relationship 

  • Know how to give less and receive more 

  • Feel liberated



How I went from relationship disaster to marriage master

Many years ago, I was known in my close circle as a bit of a relationship disaster.


I always chose the ‘wrong guys’ and ended up getting hurt consistently by men that treated me badly. Ultimately, I had my heart broken and decided there and then that I would not do this anymore. And so, my obsession with understanding relationships began.

I read book after book and applied it to my own life and my own behaviour. I had no input from my partner at the time, I had realised it was me not them and although at first, I was feeling my way in the dark, the light came on and I started to believe in my capacity to have a healthy, happy relationship.

I met my husband and applied the rules to myself right from the beginning of our relationship that I still use today. I ended up training specifically in relationship coaching and so it is with a mix of training, experience, and hard lessons that I am presenting this program to show you how to resurrect your relationship or how to recreate a healthy, happy new one.


If, at one time, you were happy in your relationship, then this masterclass will show you, step by step, how to achieve that again…and maybe even better this time.

Is this you? – This course may help you if you identify with anything below; 

You are in your 30’s-50’s either married or living with their partner. 

You feel depleted and want to save your relationship but don’t know where to start. 

Your partner won’t go to therapy. 

It is for people with kids who want to keep their family together. 

Motivated women who are willing to take action and commit completely to the program and their relationship, making it a priority each week. 

Women who are determined to make changes, hold themselves responsible and explore their own behaviours and take action. 

Your partner has shut down and doesn’t want to communicate. 

You have little to no connection and the trust has gone. 

You feel empty and unfulfilled, taken for granted and alone. 

Leaving would be devastating but staying is heart breaking also. Either choice is painful. 

Your relationship is a struggle and you are in despair as to what to do next.


Who is it not for?


It is not for women who are with a partner who has been unfaithful a number of times, nor women who are suffering from any kind of emotional, physical or mental abuse from their partner.

People who aren’t willing to put the work in.


What you will learn – the details

Week 1: Clarity Where are you now? How to discover what is working well for you. What you are doing that is working well. Why connection is even more important than communication. How to create connection from this day forward. 


Week 2: How to change your behaviours, which ones, and why. Criticism, fear, shaming, judgments, and manipulation and how they are impacting your relationship. Understand why your man shuts down and won’t connect with you. 


Week 3: How to increase trust. Why vulnerability is at the crux of your relationship. Learn how to connect with your man, his way, and get him to connect with you, your way. 


Week 4: Communication skills. How to communicate with your man in a way that he won’t get defensive or shut down. 


Week 5: Your best self. How you can start to feel like you did when you first met once more. Explore your values, needs and wants and learn how to get them all met. 


Week 6: Love styles and how you both give and receive love. 


Week 7: How to give less and receive more. Teaching them how to treat you without saying a word 😊. 

Week 8: Q&A Reflection, and action plan moving forward.







I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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