Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Coaching cost?


Packages are currently available for 1 month or 3 months. Within these packages, you receive the appropriate amount of sessions for the maximum impact for you and your relationship.

1 Month package ( Specific Issue(s)) is £697

3 Months package ( Turning Point)  is £1797


Why can't we book just one session?


I work with people who are committed to the process and are understand that a single session would be a short term solution instead of a journey where new habits are formed., and new knowledge is gained and a new way of being in the relationship.


Do you see people online or in-person?


Usually, I offer both, but unfortunately, due to the current restrictions, I am only able to offer online sessions.


Do we get support in between session?


Yes, I offer email support and 10-minute phone calls where necessary.


What if my partner does not want to attend?


Coaching can be for just one partner and still be very effective. I often coach individuals seeking clarity in their relationship.


Will our sessions be together or separate?


The initial session or two will be together, followed by sessions for you both individually and couples sessions after that.


What can I expect in a session?


The initial session will be about me getting to know you, your partner and your situation better. We will look at what you would like to gain from coaching. In the following sessions, we will work to create more understanding and clarity for you both and also we will use strategies to start creating change. Honesty is essential for the process to be at its most effective. We will look at what each of you needs and wants, create a goal and work towards you both achieving that goal with as much ease as possible.


How long does it take to notice a change in our relationship?


When couples are both committed and put their best self into the process, they can see changes from the first or second session. 



Would Relationship Coaching or Relationship Counselling be best for me?

Counselling would probably be the better option for you if you:

Have mental health concerns within your relationship

Have addictions that affect your relationship

Simply want to talk about your relationship.

Want to focus on problems and issues

Want to work on something that happened in the past.


Coaching would suit you better if you:

Want to focus on the present and the future

Want to know HOW to make things better

Are ready to take action to change your relationship

Are willing to take responsibility for your part in the relationship

Want to focus on what is going well even if you can’t see it yet

Are ready to make your relationship a priority.

How long are the sessions?


90 minutes to 2 hours

Can we continue working with you after the package has ended?

Yes,  when you have completed the term of your package, we will look at what you have achieved within your relationship and see what you would like to achieve going forward. If you would like more sessions, these are available either individually for couples who want upkeep sessions, or you can book another package at a reduced rate.


How can I pay?


By bank transfer or via Paypal - send to or email me for bank details.

Alternatively, you can book through my website here.



What is our role in coaching?


The clients who get the most powerful results:


Make their relationship a priority and have a willingness to change.

Commit to the work and the journey they are about to embark upon and understand the necessity of committing to the initial weekly and bi-weekly sessions.

I lead the sessions and set the pace, and they do their best to fulfil agreed action plans and goals.

Are willing and able to take responsibility for their choices, actions, behaviours and part in the relationship.

Attend sessions with a curious intention of gaining clarity and understanding.

Always attend their sessions on time and make them an absolute priority.

Understand and accept that I will sometimes challenge their perspective, though I will not take sides.

Do their best to empathise with their partner and are able to show that they care about their feelings and well being.

Want to focus on the present and future more than the past.