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Relationship Coaching Testimonials

Read how couples like you benefitted from Relationship Coaching.

 Here, some of my previous couples share their thoughts and experiences.

Engaged Couple

"This lady changed my life. To say she is amazing is not doing her justice. I’ve laughed and cried on my journey to knowing myself and what a relationship should look like. I will be forever grateful. "

" Jane's coaching was just what we needed to rekindle our relationship. The tailored sessions have really worked and helped save our marriage.

Thank you Jane. "

Couple Looking at Landscape

Jane's Coaching Sessions’ will put the Magic back!  

(even when you think there's nothing left) "

This has saved our Marriage and we are both happy in each others Company.

 Thank you so much Jane. "

Love Locks

"Jane is a very good professional. Her ability to identify problems and ways to fix it is simply amazing. We have seen her 3 times, and she has helped us a lot. I was stuck with my partner and Jane help us to understand each other MUCH BETTER.   

Thank you Jane! "

Excellent advice and ideas of how to approach our differences and how to move ahead with our relationship. "

Happy Family
Image by Meiying Ng

"Jane has been very good with helping my partner and I. I would 100% recommend her. She is very understanding and full of good advice. Since we have seen Jane our relationship is much better; our communication skills have improved a lot, we understand each other better and we are willing to forgive each other. Jane's therapy has definitely strengthened our relationship. Many thanks, Jane!"

"It was well worth every penny!"

Image by Nathan McBride
Couple in a hammock

"We always said during the sessions that we wished to have a relationship like it was at the start, well
we have that but with so much more understanding of each other, we know what makes each other
tick, what we as individuals want out of the relationship, but what is important to us personally."

"I hoped for anything that did not resemble counselling, and I got something very friendly, unbiased
and professional, by the end of the sessions you, and we, far exceeded any expectations I could have
dreamed of before we first were introduced."

Picnic Spot
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