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Relationship Coaching Packages

I currently offer these Relationship Coaching packages. These are initial packages and will be tailored to you as a couple. You are unique and so will your Relationship Coaching be.

Please book yourself in for a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your situation, learn how Relationship Coaching could help you, and discover which package would be best for your relationship.

Alternatively please call me on 07970072755 to speak with me directly.

*Payment plans can be available on packages, please get in touch to discuss.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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Complimentary Consultation



30 Minutes

Your initial consultation with me where we can learn more about each other, and we can decide whether coaching is a good fit for you. We will talk about your situation and what you would like to achieve with coaching, and I will explain how coaching could work for you.
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Individual Relationship Coaching



6 Session Full Service Relationship Coaching Package

These sessions are to coach you to achieve your relationship goals. Whether this is to improve your current relationship to be at its best, change relationship patterns, discover why it just isn't working out for you or to create more clarity overall, these sessions can help you to achieve that.
If you are ready to commit to having your ideal relationship and being truly happy within it then get in touch.
This Relationship Coaching Package Incudes:
6 x 90 minute sessions

Action  plans


10 minute crisis call

A final session to assess progress and set intentions and plans for the future

Investment for coaching package: £697

Payment plan available - 4 x monthly instalments of £175

Individual Relationship Coaching sessions can also be booked separately - £130

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6 Session Basic Package



This Couples Relationship Coaching package include 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions.

It is perfect for couples who are short on time or who are on a budget.

These session will give you more understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship. You will learn how to communicate, resolve conflict, create more connection and put the closeness back into your relationship.

You will have clarity on what you and your partner needs and wants and how you can each get those needs met.

We will be focused on helping you to achieve as much change as possible during, and in between the sessions. I will share with you strategies and tools to help you to move your relationship forward from the first session.

When this package is completed you can then book individual sessions as you go.

Investment: £697

Payment plan available - 4 monthly payments of £175

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6 Session Full Service Package


This is my most popular Relationship Coaching package. I recommend this package particularly to couples in crisis or considering separation.

The 6 sessions will be a combination of sessions together as a couple, and sessions for each of you on your own. This combination works very effectively for couples who are committed to the process.

You will learn skills, create understanding, improve communication, resolve conflict, and re-connect with your partner.

This coaching package includes:

6 x (up to) 2 hour Relationship Coaching sessions.

To include:

Couples sessions

Solo sessions
Email support if necessary
Action  plans
Investment: £997

Payment plan available - 4 monthly instalments of £250

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