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"A Happy Relationship Is Within Reach"

Jane Parker Relationship Coach

About Me

I am Jane and I am an Advanced Relationship Coach.


I trained to be a Relationship Coach with Strategic Intervention Training who provide one of the best Relationship Coach training programs in the world.


I believe in the magic, potential and chemistry in your marriage or relationship, and I believe that if it was once there for you then it can be again.


I believe in happy families and children seeing their parents adoring each other and I do this work to help as many as I can achieve just that.


I have the strategies and knowledge to help you to move forward in your relationship in a lighter hearted, non judgmental and less painful way than usual relationship methods.

As your Relationship Coach I do not engage in your arguments, nor do I decide who is right and I most definitely won’t tell you you are wrong.

What I will do is help you to see very clearly what you really do have in your relationship and with your spouse and how to grow that into your best relationship possible.

If you are thinking of leaving or just don’t know how to make it better then please do get in touch soon, what if you could change it just by knowing how?

Happy Couple, relationship coaching
Smiling couple, relationship coaching

Sound Familar?

You fall in love…

Maybe get married…

And life is sweet.

Then one day you realise that, almost without you noticing,

that things have changed.

Maybe you bicker, argue, criticize…

Maybe your spouse just drives you crazy, or maybe there’s just painful silence or emptiness.

You have disconnected, and there is no laughter or lightheartedness anymore.

You don’t feel the same way,

They aren’t the same person you met.

And you are stuck.

You don’t want to leave…

But staying is so painful too.


I get it, and that’s where I, a fully trained Advanced Relationship Coach, can help you.

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Jane Parker Relationship Coach Testimonials


Excellent advice and ideas of how to approach our differences and how to move ahead with our relationship.

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Get in Touch

Jane Parker Relationship Coach,

Room 11, Stramongate House, Stramongate, Kendal,

Cumbria, United Kingdom LA9 4BH

Email: janeparkercoach@gmail.com

Tel: 07970072755

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