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About Me
Relationship  Coach

"The Quality Of Your Life Ultimately Depends On The Quality Of Your Relationships."

Esther Perel 

Jane Parker Relationship Coach In Kendal, Cumbria
Jane Parker Couples coaching near me Rel

About Me

I am Jane, and I am an Advanced Relationship Coach.


I trained to be a Relationship Coach with Strategic Intervention Training who provide one of the best Relationship Coach training programs in the world.


I believe in the magic, potential and chemistry in your marriage or relationship, and I believe that if it was once there for you, then it can be again.


I believe in happy families and children seeing their parents adoring each other, and I do this work to help you to achieve just that.


I have the strategies and knowledge to help you to move forward in your relationship in a lighter-hearted, non-judgmental and less painful way than usual relationship methods.

As your Relationship Coach, I do not engage in your arguments, nor do I decide who is right, and I most definitely won’t tell you you are wrong.

What I will do is help you to see very clearly what you really do have in your relationship and with your spouse and how to grow that into your best relationship possible.

If you are thinking of leaving or just don’t know how to make it better, then please do get in touch soon, what if you could change it just by knowing how?

My Experience

A little more about me, and how my Relationship Coaching can work for you and your partner.


I have worked professionally as a Life Coach for 10 years and I now specialise as a Certified Strategic Intervention Advanced Relationship Coach. I have years of experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them to overcome problems and move forward to achieve what they want in life.


My Relationship Coaching sessions are held either online via applications like Skype or Zoom, or face to face in my comfortable practice in Kendal, Cumbria. I can work with you as a couple, or just one of you if that feels preferable.

What to Expect


My sessions are friendly, non-judgemental, empowering and positive. We will work together to identify and understand the challenges which have crept into your relationship and that are holding you back from the relationship you would love, and then we will agree on strategies which will move you forward; overcoming those problems and achieving the happiness, contentment, and fulfilment you really want in your relationship.


Introducing small steps and making little changes leads to achieving big things. My coaching helps you to re-discover the person you fell in love with and why; bringing you closer, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s about understanding each other’s perspective better and appreciating and building on what each of you brings to the relationship.


Let's Talk



The best way to find out how I can help you, and whether you think you’d like to work with me, is to talk with me. So please fill in the contact form below and we can arrange a friendly, informal, and confidential session which is free of charge and there’s no obligation. We can learn more about each other and discuss how to move you and your relationship forward.

Top 20 Relationship Coach Award from Coach Foundation

In January 2022 I was chosen to be one of the top 20 Relationship Coaches, as awarded by Coach Foundation! 

An image of a prestigious logo with the title 'Top Coach Award' , symbolizing recognition for excellence in coaching
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