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5 Questions That Will Change How You See Your Partner: Q1

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It is very easy when in a relationship, to focus on our partner's faults and flaws. As time goes on this can become a destructive habit that undermines the foundations of our relationship. If one person or both people feel criticised, judged or simply not good enough then communication and connection break down, sometimes irreparably.

The good news is that habits can be changed.

So each day this week I will be posting some questions and sharing some tools to help you to focus on the contribution that your partner is to your life and your relationship.

Please take the time to sit do with pen and paper and answer that questions or do the strategy. Use the information to create gratitude and appreciation, and express these to your partner.

Changing or improving your relationship takes focus and a commitment.

Are you ready to create the relationship you want and let go of the destructive patterns you have created?

Let us get to it then!

Please answer the question:

'What do you LOVE about your relationship?'

Write as many things as you can that you love about your relationship or partner. If you can't think of anything then ask yourself about what you loved at the beginning of the relationship. What can you or your partner do to bring those things back into your lives? What can you do, or say or add? How did it feel and how you would like to feel now?

Try to enjoy this exercise, even if you can find only on thing that you love then it is something for you to build on. Keep answering the questions that follow this post, you will benefit massively if you take the time. Also, why not invite your partner to do it with you?



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