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5 Questions That Will Change How You See Your Partner: Q3

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Question 3!

Think of a part of your relationship that isn't working particularly well.

Then ask yourself how you would like to feel in that part of the relationship. Do you want to feel calm, reassured, excited, happy, loved, understood? Write it down. This is your intention.

Then ask yourself what could I/we add to this part of our relationship that would create those feelings? For example, what actions could you take, where could you go, what could you say, could you add in affection, or conversation, or get some help?

What could you stop doing or take away that would help to create those feelings? For example, is there something you regularly say or do that is stopping you from experiencing those feelings?

Best of luck! I hope that these questions are helping you to create change in your relationship.



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