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Are Your Emotional Responses Harming Your Relationship?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Are You Being Hampered by Your Emotional Default?

Today, I want you to consider any emotional recurring patterns or automatic responses that you have that don't lead to the outcomes you truly want.

Perhaps you discover that, in certain social situations, you suddenly feel compelled to escape.

Or perhaps you find yourself laughing uncontrollably in unsuitable situations.

Or do you respond to a request from your spouse in a negative or cruel way, then have to spend time repenting for your actions? Do you react defensively before then having to justify your actions or your words?

Do you frequently apologise for anything you said or did and then afterwards question why you acted in that way?

The "destructive" behaviour appears to be ingrained in many people. My clients often express, "I can't change the way I am," to me. Well, nobody has yet been able to persuade me that they were born with these behavioural tendencies.  You can change, then, is the response.

 If you can figure out why you're doing it, that is.

There will be a reason. Clarifying this reason is what helps you to start to create change for yourself .  Once things are in clearer, a large majority of my clients report feeling happier, more fulfilled, and more better equipped to handle life's challenges than they ever could have imagined.

Please get in touch if this describes you and you want assistance in helping yourself. Personal growth is so empowering and when you take ownership of your part in the relationship often your relationship will flourish.

Nobody needs to put up with an emotional default that prevents them from succeeding in their relationship.


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