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Do I stay Or Do I Leave?

Do I stay or do I leave?

Clients often want to ask me, "Should I stay or should I go?"

Unfortunately, it is never that simple.

They are aware of their unhappiness, but the turmoil of a breakup seems to be more than they can handle. The family seems to be stuck because the implications of leaving are too great.

They are stuck in a relationship that feels unjust. A place where they experience loss and unhappiness.

Even though they have changed into someone they don't particularly like, the home still feels secure. Though it might not be everything they wanted, the uncertainty of leaving also seems awful.

Both remaining and separating seem wrong.

This is when it is invaluable to get help from an outside source. Whilst we are inside of uncomfortable situations ourselves it is very difficult to see clearly.

Our emotions cloud our vision.

We cannot see clearly what our partner's intentions are. We cannot see our own behaviour through their eyes. We cannot see what we need, what they need, or even how we truly feel about them because we are limited by points of view and perspectives that are embroiled with painful emotions.

It feels as though the only way to release these negative emotions is to leave.

Leaving is sometimes the best option. From my perspective leaving needs to be done with a clear mind. A mind that know that you did all you could, so that regret and guilt are not present at some point in the future.

Seeking support and guidance through coaching can help you to know that you didn't miss something. That you did try everything to make it work and it simply couldn't.

Coaching is a process that looks at you as individuals and as a couple to see what works in your relationship. It helps you to change your perspectives and allows you and your partner to become yourselves again with new knowledge on how to make it work. It can be a fresh start for many, going back to the foundations of your relationship and building on what you have at the core that bonds you together.

My clients learn how to control their emotions and empower themselves to live the lives they want, whether they work with me individually or in pairs. They gain the ability to design favourable life conditions based on their fundamental needs and ideals.

They pick up how to break free.

Change may happen quickly, and it does so regularly.

So, if you are reading this because you don't know whether to stay or leave and you want to give it one last try because it isn't really what you want, then please get in touch with me today. Or show this website to your partner and then book your consultation here.


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