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Does Your Marriage Need An MOT?

How is Your Marriage Doing? Is it in need of an "MOT" ?

Everyone is aware that getting their health tested every few years or so is a good thing. We regularly check our teeth, vision, and even our cars, which are required by law to undergo an annual test (MOT) after they turn three.

Yet when it comes to our romantic relationships, we don't often pay it the same attention or care, we expect it to take care of itself and often miss the signs things aren't quite right until it has gone too far. Our marriage is the most significant and closest component of our life.

So, would you consider conducting a marriage and relationship health check on yourself?

What if, a few coaching sessions could help you to learn how to get your relationship back to being healthy and joyful once more?

I am Jane, and I am a Relationship coach for couples and individuals. I teach, guide and inspire couples to heal their relationship or marriage all the while supporting them in their journey.

Life has a way of invading our romantic relationship. Work, study, children, mortgages, elderly parents, etc can all disrupt our once peaceful and easy relationship. Perhaps you've developed some behaviours that aren't good for your relationship with your partner or your marriage.

A long-lasting relationship requires maintaining passion and reminding one another of the purpose of your union. It needs time, focus and communication. It needs to be made our priority.

Long-lasting relationships succeed because the partners have figured out how to contribute to one another in a way that satisfies both of their needs. Some people are fortunate enough to realise this for themselves, but so many others do not. As a result, they accept that passion wanes with time and that life isn't as thrilling as it once was, and all too often they end up as friends instead of lovers.

Finding out how to maintain those deeper emotions is essential if you want more from your relationship. As a Relationship Coach,toward I will help you to see your partner in different ways and lead you towards the relationship you desire or once had.

Jane will walk you through the techniques you need to have in a custom-created two-hour session for you in order to help you both understand one another better and maintain your close relationship:

Jane can help you learn:

How to properly communicate

How to address both your partner's and your own fundamental needs

How to decide what to do in a conflict situation

Review the resources you need to support one another under pressure.

Why not treat yourself to a Marriage and Relationship Health Check in Kendal's beautiful surroundings? Kendal is just 15 minutes drive from Windermere and the South Lakes in the beautiful Lake District!

If you are willing to travel for your session you could perhaps stay overnight at one of the nearby hotels or holiday cottages to offer yourself a special time that is entirely dedicated to you and your partner.

On request, 2 or 3-day intensive coaching retreats are available. Please get in touch with Jane to discuss this further.

Jane Parker is a Certified Advanced Relationship Coach and she works with couples and individuals to guide and empower them to

create positive changes in their marriage or relationship.

Her strategies help couples in crisis who may be considering separation or see no other alternative than divorce.

Jane's work helps couples to see the value in their relationship and each other, allowing them to

build upon the foundations of their connection to intentionally create the relationship they desire.

She inspires couples and gives them the tools and skills to create more understanding, connection, and trust within their


Jane's deep commitment to her work comes from her strong family values and a desire to coach couples to create happy

and healthy relationships within their own homes. She is dedicated to showing that even when things seem hopeless positive changes can

be made.

Jane works with couples in person in the beautiful Lake District, UK, or online worldwide.


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