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How To Prevent A No-Fault Divorce – How These 5 Things Could Be Breaking Your Marriage

In April 2022, No-Fault Divorce became law in the UK. The option of a no-fault divorce has worked well for many couples where there was no clear-cut offender in the marriage's demise. The couples may not have recognised why their marriage deteriorated or they may not have known what to do when they realized it had.

Divorce, whether it is a no-fault divorce or not, can be an incredibly stressful, sad, and often traumatic process and can impact families for many years to come.

The sad reality of this is that as there was no one obvious to blame, the couple may have been able to avoid divorce if they had known what was disrupting their marriage.

If you want to avoid having a no-fault divorce and you would love to know what is causing the discord in your marriage, please read on here.

This is Jane Parker Relationship Coach's first article for Brainz Magazine!

I hope you enjoy reading it, there is valuable relationship advice within the article from the perspective of a Relationship Coach.

If you are on the brink of a no-fault divorce please get in touch with me today. If you are both willing to make changes Relationship Coaching will help you to learn how to stay together and rebuild your marriage.


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