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What Can I Do To Save My Relationship? #11

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Learn how to communicate your needs to your partner.

In relationship crises, I frequently hear from one or both partners that they have done all the giving while their spouse has just taken. They have reportedly tried everything and are now tired of being treated like a commodity. They feel unwanted, undervalued, and misunderstood. The relationship is now rapidly withering since the trust has been lost.

A sequence of seemingly unimportant situations turn into arguments. The other's emotional reactions make you both angry, defensive, and perplexed.

You two are now free to enter "protective mode." a location where you shield yourself from more harm.

Over time, if you continue, you lose love.

The well-known sentiment of "I adore you but I'm not IN love with you." The reason for this is that you cannot feel and offer sincere love while still protecting yourself from harm.

"Does your partner understand you?" is the question I have for you today.

Does he or she understand how you process information and make sense of it? To be clear:

Do you genuinely understand how you work?

Do you know how to make yourself happy? How can they know if you don't?

You must have enough faith in yourself to tell your lover what you need. However, your spouse cannot support you in the way you desire if you are unaware of your true needs.

You may tell your lover anything if you communicate with love and in a kind manner. If you are unable to, you must learn how.

Finding out what you need and how you need to have it supplied is the first step. With the use of this knowledge, you will gain confidence in your ability to communicate with your partner in a way that both you and they can understand.

Therefore, today's advice is to learn more before it's too late.

Much of my work with couples is centered around Human Emotional Needs and this helps couples truly understand themselves and each other.

To work with me first please make an appointment for a free consultation here.

Jane x


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