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What Can I Do To Save My Relationship? #14

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

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Being unhappy is exhausting. Trying to fix a failing relationship when you are unhappy is draining and very difficult.

Couples frequently find themselves in crisis because they have spent too much energy repeatedly discussing the same problems and acting in ways that contributed to their dilemma in the first place.

Most people are unaware of the underlying causes of their issues.

As a result, people continue to act in the same ways and communicate in the same ways without any new information.

They are both exhausted from looking for solutions, and their frustration with one another only grows.

From this point on, they search for causes of their exhaustion and determine that the relationship is the culprit and cannot be mended.

Being unhappy is draining.

Being unhappy and bickering all the time, as well as being misunderstood and not given the support you require, is tremendously exhausting and unpleasant. You are unlikely to comprehend or identify the true reasons of your difficulties from this position. Your only option is to withdraw.

Each of you will likely now enter a state of self-protection in order to keep yourself as secure as you can. Men can likewise withdraw, just as women can remain silent and "keep their heads down." Nowadays, communication is scarce and frequently limited to day-to-day concerns.

Now that blame is your problem,

If only she could resolve her problems.

Why is she always so irate?

Things would be wonderful if only she showed me more affection.

If he loved and understood me, he wouldn't act in this way. If he offered more assistance, I would feel better.

These viewpoints are still failing to address the core of your issues.

Become more knowledgeable

Couples that work with me discover the true root of their problems. We avoid discussing the signs, such as disagreements or defensive behaviours. I provide each of you with new strategies and I educate you with new ways of thinking and acting. You will gain new skills and tools and a deeper understanding of your own, and each other's needs.

You can go toward a closer, deeper knowledge of each other by becoming aware of how you both operate and what you each require from your relationship.

You'll discover how to address the root issues rather than just the symptoms. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your relationship and forge a closer, more intimate connection.

And we all desire that. a close and caring relationship.

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