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5 Ways To Elevate Your Relationship

Updated: Jun 10

a happy couple smiling and looking into each others eyes

5 Ways To Elevate Your Relationship

1. Be Present and Listen Carefully

Successful couples have mastered the art of being honest and giving unconditional love. They know how to be fully present for their partner at trying and unpleasant moments.

In order to be present for your partner you must give them your full attention. They need to know that you will not criticise or judge them. This creates trust and a feeling of safety between you, allowing you to be open and honest in a way that doesn't hurt or destroy your connection.

By listening carefully you attempt to understand them by seeing their perspective. Your partner will feel more comfortable talking about anything, even hard topics because they will know they will be heard and not judged or rejected.

2. Learn From Conflict

After an argument reflect on your part of it. Take responsibility and look at what you could have done differently. Talk about that. Could one or both of you have said something in a different way, a different tone. What was the true upset behind the argument? Was it even about that and if not what was it?

Spend some time handling annoyances and issues right away or as soon as you can when they arise. Instead of blaming, use honest words. Instead of saying "It's your fault" or "You usually do that," try saying "You may not be aware that I felt hurt when you did." Rather than using generalisations, be precise. Remember that filing a complaint is acceptable if you are injured, but it must be detailed and made as soon as possible.

3. Are you certain that what you think is true?

What you choose to believe and how you respond will be greatly influenced by how you are feeling. You will have a lot more options for how to respond if you are conscious of your emotional condition and initially concentrate on that. Learn to question your views. Your companion will be able to comprehend you if you can understand yourself. Always assume that your partner has no malice toward you.

4. Become more giving.

You can forgive if you have a giving nature. Everyone is fallible, and mistakes are common. You can either choose to hang onto the baggage of the past and recall prior mistakes and missteps while under pressure or in conflict, or you can choose to let it go and view those times as opportunities for learning and development. This will release you both from a great deal of suffering and enable you to develop and learn from one another.

5. Successful marriages emphasize unconditional love.

You don't enter a relationship to receive something; rather, you enter it to offer. It will suffer if you make it all about you. It will prosper if you concentrate on your relationship and how you can support your partner. Work on developing this ability until it comes naturally. Make it your goal to comprehend their perspective and understand their emotions. Donate with empathy. Because it is who you are, give. What can you give to your partner today? How can you make them feel good, loved, valued and appreciated?

If both parties prioritise making the other person happy then you have the recipe for success!

Are you a part of a distressed couple?

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