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Couples In Crisis

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Couples In Crisis

Couples experience crises all too frequently because they exhaust themselves trying to solve the specific symptoms of their troubles rather than figuring out and understanding the root reasons of their issues.

Have you ever argued about 'nothing?' How much energy are you expending on trying to show your partner that you are right? (Which always makes them wrong by the way, not a great feeling to have very often in a relationship.) These are signs that you are focusing on symptoms, not underlying causes.

Couples then continue to act in the same ways and communicate in the same ways that led to the crisis in the first place.

After exhausting themselves, they seek out the cause of their fatigue and determine that the connection is flawed and cannot be healed. They have "Tried EVERYTHING," after all.

But what if you have tried everything EXCEPT what works? But maybe now you're too worn out to accomplish anything else right now.

Being unhappy and bickering all the time, as well as being misunderstood and not given the support you require, is incredibly exhausting and unpleasant. You are unlikely to understand or identify the true source of your issues from here. Your only option is to withdraw.

You're both currently in defence mode. You are defending yourself from more harm and suffering. However, by defending yourself and preventing more harm, you also shut out love and connection.

Couples that work with me discover the true root of their problems. We avoid discussing the symptoms, such as disagreements or defensive behaviours as much as we can. Coaching gives you a fresh start, new tools, and an improved way of relating to each other.

You can move toward a closer, deeper knowledge of each other by becoming aware of how you both operate and what you each require from your relationship. When couples really investigate their true needs within a session and they realise what has been missing they begin to empathise again with each other and they truly show how much they care for their partner again.

Your relationship has a great possibility of being saved if you deal with the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

And we all desire that. A loving, secure and trusting relationship.

To get out of crisis please book your consultation with me here, even if you think it over. The majority of couples who come to see me say this is their last attempt at improving their relationship and they will separate if it doesn't 'work.'

As far as I am aware, at the time I write this, every couple that I have worked with over the last 2.5 years has stayed together and 100% of them have left their coaching journey happier than they were when they started.

So I will share this with you, I believe that if you are both willing to do 'the work' with me, then it will 'work' for you too. :)


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