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Do You Know How To Have A Long-Lasting Loving Relationship?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Do You Know How To Have A Long-Lasting Loving Relationship?

Recognizing that meaningful, long-lasting relationships take work is something many of us learn the hard way.  Many couples think that, if they are right for each other, and they love each other, their relationship should just be good all by itself.   It might, but in order for a relationship to stay close and loving, it needs to grow and evolve in the right direction which requires attention and guidance.

Often, however, life gets in the way. Couples become busy with work, businesses, children, buying houses, family and the challenges of life, and their relationship gets little or no TLC. They don't realise this until unfortunately until the negative patterns or effects have taken hold.

Failure in a relationship doesn't happen overnight, though it may feel that way sometimes. Relationship breakdown takes time. The reason it feels as though it has happened overnight can be because couples simply weren't paying attention. I have worked with so many couples who are shocked at the state of their relationship as it used to be so good and they simply don't know how, or why it went wrong.  

I have observed a lot of couples who have been slowly but surely killing their relationship over time,  years, in some circumstances. Some claim to have wasted years making the same mistakes over and over again. Some people have started using a point system where neither party feels good in the end. Which counts more, showing love or "winning," in the end? Without love, the victory won't feel all that fantastic, and you might both wind up wondering whether it was really worth it.

So how can you develop the abilities necessary for an enduring, loving relationship? They are not covered in the curriculum at school!  The majority of us learn from our parents, however, if they didn't know much themselves about it, we can end up picking up negative habits and behaviours from them or other adult relationships that we witnessed growing up.

Most marriages don't have to end.

You must learn what to do and how to do it in order to succeed.

You can discover:

How to listen actively and the benefits of deep listening for your relationship

How to have an emotional connection with your spouse that fulfils their emotional needs

To know yourself in order for you to become who you were meant to be

To understand your spouse and allow them to be who they are

How to attend to your partner in the manner that they require and love

How to move past disagreements

How to communicate in a way that doesn't cause defensiveness

How to resolve conflict with respect and empathy

How to make plans for a bright future for you both

How to create a deep connection of trust and become good friends

These are just a few of the techniques I teach couples to use to rebuild their relationship. We look at what is most important to each of them and we work to create that together within their marriage. 

Now is the time to act if your relationship is struggling. Delay will only worsen the situation. Problems don't go away unless people do something about them, sometimes we just need to know HOW.  And I can help you with the that. :)

Please reach out to connect with me and we can get the ball rolling on a new start for your relationship. Even if you think it is unsalvageable, please know that coaching has helped many other couples who thought the same about their marriage or relationship.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards,



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